DECS has been a provider of CAPS since 1998. 

What a great program to help working parents that

need a little extra help!!!

CAPS Program Overview

The Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program is designed to help low income families afford safe quality child care. The CAPS program is administered in all 159 Georgia counties by the local county Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS).

Families must be a resident of Georgia and apply for the CAPS program online at The CAPS program can subsidize the cost of child care for children who are US citizens or legal residents and under age 13. The age can be extended to 18 if the child has special needs.

Families that qualify for the CAPS program can choose their own child care provider. The CAPS program will reimburse authorized child care providers up to a certain amount. Most eligible families share in the cost of care by paying a fee based on their income, family size and the number of children receiving child care subsidies. This fee is paid directly to the child care provider.

CAPS Activity Requirements

Parents enrolled in the CAPS program must participate in an approved activity and also meet the income requirements. Note: Eligibility Requirements must be met for each parent in the household.

  • Current acceptable activities are:
  • Employed at least an average of 24 hours per week
  • Attending a technical or vocational school at least an average of 24 hours per week (vocational/technical school education can be used as an activity for up to one year)
  • Have a combination of both employment and attendance at a vocational/technical school at least an average of 24 hours per week (vocational/technical school education in combination with employment can be used as an activity for up to one year)
  • A minor parent (Under 21 years of age) attending middle or high school full time or attending GED courses at least full times.

CAPS Income Requirements

Parent’s applying or enrolled in the CAPS program must meet the income guidelines below which are based on 160% of the 2008 Federal Poverty Level.

             Number in Family Unit       Gross (Before Tax) Annual Income Limit

                               2                                                               $22,400

                               3                                                               $28,160

                               4                                                               $33,920

                               5                                                               $39,680

 More information is available on the DFCS website @


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