Infants -

Our infant program focuses on developmental stages. Helping the children develop at there own pace. We allow for the infants to explore their world in a safe nurturing environment.   Teachers provide support and guide the infants as the learn how to lift their head, roll over, crawl, pull themselves up and eventually learn to walk.  Teachers support the infants in developing words and phrases. 

Ms. Kathy loves her babies. She joined the DECS family in 2012 with over ten years of experience in Childcare. 

Our Toddlers -
Toddlers are supported in learning large motor  skills; climbing, jumping, running,  as well as fine motor skills  cutting, tearing, and drawing.

Toddlers learn basic shapes, colors, alphabet recognition and counting through art and music.

Toddlers learn to play cooperatively with others, communicate effectively and begin to share with their friends. They are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative. Teachers  support cooperative play and model  new vocabulary to build strong communication skills.

They continue to learn self help skills of self feeding, potty training, hand washing and dressing drinking from a cup. 

Ms. Katie is our Lead toddler teacher. She has been part of the DECS Family since 2008! 

Like all High Scope programs, the Infant-Toddler Curriculum is based on the principle that children learn best through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas.  During this active learning process, infants and toddlers are encouraged to discover the world around them by exploring and playing. Learning and development are anchored by long-term, trusting relationships with caregivers, who are close at hand to support the children as they play.

Infants and Toddlers learn from their world around them as they experience new materials, sounds, and words. Because children’s understanding of different concepts are constantly changing, our classrooms daily routine is completely child directed. There are some things that cannot be taught, but must be experienced to be learned. For example an infant cannot be taught to walk or crawl simply by explaining it. They must experience this milestone at their own pace and developmental level by teachers providing objects to pull themselves up on, boxes to crawl through, and climbers to climb on.

Teachers plan activities around children’s interests and encourage children to explore materials freely. The adults help children solve problems, as well as encourage children to become independent and successful individuals.


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